Good Week :) 8/1/2016

Hello wonderful family and friends!

I hope you are all doing great! This week was quite fabulous and a lot happened and I don’t have time to write everything! I’ll try my best. 🙂

We had a mini missionary with us this week! Her name is Charli, she’s super sweet and adorable! We had a lot of fun and some great experiences! We picked her up Tuesday morning and dropped her off on Sunday.

812016 Mini Missionette Charlie

Picking up our mini missionary, Charlie!

Tuesday was great. We went to Highland and did some work out there. It’s super far away from Glen Carbon so we don’t get out there very much. We met with JR, he worked on the Kansas City temple and feels the Spirit so strongly around members. He brings the Book of Mormon to his Catholic church and reads it on his shift. haha it’s great!!!

Wednesday we went on exchanges with the Columbia sisters! Sister Ladow and Peel. They are both so sweet! I stayed in Glen Carbon with Sister Ladow and our mini missionary, Charlie. It was definitely an adventure!
812016 Tresspass shed

Just another day in Potosi!!!!

Sister Ladow is from Provo and we had a blast! She goes home in 2 transfers and is such a great missionary. It was fun to spend more time with her. We picked up Sister Mier to come to a lesson. She’s the boldest, sassiest, most friendly person in the world! I love her!
812016 Exchanges w Columbia

Exchanges with Columbia! Sister Ladow and Peel (and our mini missionaries!!)

We went to visit a less active. Katherine has been coming to church the past 4 weeks!!!! I’m so happy and excited for her. 🙂 I love when less actives come to church. 🙂 We had some other great lessons that day. We had one with Mona from the Philippines. She wants to be baptized!!! She’s so prepared and willing to learn. 🙂 She’s adorable. A guy in our ward just got back from his mission in the Philippines and he speaks Tagolig (no idea how to spell that) but him and Mona and Sister Low (another member from the Philippines) are besties now. So Connor came to our lesson and helped teach the gospel in Tagolig.

Thursday, Sister Williams and I were back together so that was nice.

812016 Eating Pie

Eating pie. #CompUnity

We had some great lessons. We also Pow Wowd with the Assistants to the President. Pow Wows are cool.
812016 Powwowing in the car

Pow Wowing in the car before exchanges!

The STLs and Zone Leaders meet with the APs to give recommendations for transfers. It was cool how inspired leaders are. The spirit is so strong and everything happens exactly as it needs to. We don’t decide anything at Pow Wows but the APs take it to President Bateman.
On Friday we had another exchange. I went to Potosi, MO with Sister Ellertson, and Sister Holland came to Glen Carbon with Sister Williams. It was a great exchange! They are doing great work in Potosi. We saw a lot of neat miracles. I met a lot of cool people. Sister Ellertson has been out for 4 months and is already a boss missionary!

812016 5 missionettes

Exchanges with Potosi! Sister Ellertson and Holland!

Sunday was great. It was all about missionary work! We cover 2 wards and both sacrament meetings were about missionary work! Connor gave his homecoming talk, Brother Tucker spoke about Teaching in the Saviors Way. A YSA told his conversion story and another YSA told about his missionary experience in Nauvoo. SO COOL!!!  We also dropped Charlie off and they did a testimony meeting after the mini mission.

We went to the City Museum for P-day today with some other sisters. We went to Souel Taco too. My favorite place EVER!!! I love being in the City. 🙂

812016 Taco Girls

Souel Taco 🙂

This week is going to be super great. We have exchanges with Centralia!!! (my 1st area!) I get to go to the Temple on Wednesday! We are getting another mini missionary on Thursday. And we have MLC on Friday. It’s going to be awesome!!! 🙂

Life is good. 🙂 I love being a missionary. So many wonderful miracles in the service of the Lord.

You are all amazing and I love you! Thank you for everything!

Sister Oldroyd

Some funnies from the week:

*pass a turkey on the side of the road*  “bawlk bawlk bawlk BAGAWWWWWWKKK!!!!!!” That’s a turkey not a chicken!!!
Stake President: I learned that sister missionaries can speak in tongues to chickens…. turkeys.
I’m plucking my toe hairs!
Did that guy just buy a joint? Yep.
I’m Elsa.
Feeding pie to each other in the car #CompUnity

812016 Blues City

Blues City Deli…Best sandwiches ever!!

Blurry Fun

Wrestling at the City Museum

Pictures: There’s a lot this week so bear with me. 🙂
Exchanges with Columbia! Sister Ladow and Peel and our mini missionaries!!
Picking up our mini missionary, Charlie!
Eating pie. #CompUnity
Pow Wowing in the car before exchanges!
Just another day in Potosi!!!!
Exchanges with Potosi! Sister Ellertson and Holland!
Blues City Deli… Best sandwiches ever!!
Wrestling at the City Museum.
Souel Taco. 🙂

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