Mississippi.. Missouri… Mississouri? 05/09/2016


Hello wonderful family and friends!!

05092016 MI selfie

Mississippi Selfie!!

It was so good to Skype with my family this week!! 🙂 Ah! It was so great! 🙂 It was so good to catch up with everyone and see your faces! Mothers Day is such a great day! I am so grateful for all the wonderful women in my life who have influenced me to become who I am today! I love you all! Thank you! 🙂 Sister Marriott in General Conference said “to be a mother is to give life” I love that. There are so many ways in which women can change lives. I’m so grateful for my beautiful mother and all that she’s done for me. 🙂
This week was good. We had a hard time making appointments with people and them keep them. #MissionaryProbs.. But we found a new investigator!! Her name is Carol. She was a member referral from a returning less active family, the Kunz’. 🙂 They told us to go see her because she just had surgery on her foot and “she couldn’t run away” haha. But she’s super sweet and has loved the missionaries she’s met in the past. We got to take her dog on a walk. That was fun, I haven’t walked a dog in forever! 🙂
We had to drop Cherie this week. 😦 She wasn’t progressing anymore and feels like she’s not ready for baptism right now. She’s so great though! We’re still in contact though and she wants to write Sister Day and I. 🙂 Missions are hard. You come to love people and get so attached and are so excited to share the gospel with them and see them feel the spirit and start to change, then choose not to accept it. That’s ok, agency is important. I love Cherie. 🙂 I’ll miss her though!
Kate is doing fabulous! She’s still set to be baptized on May 21st! She’s reading the Book of Mormon, receiving answers to prayers and getting super excited for her baptism! 🙂 I still can’t believe how prepared she is. It amazes me every day! 🙂 We are also going to the Zoo with her today.
Shelly and Jonathan came to church yesterday! It was Jonathan’s first time and he went to Primary and loved it! 🙂 We have another lesson with them tonight. They are so great!
Sister Lyons and I gave talks in Sacrament meeting yesterday! Sister Lyons talked about Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, and I talked about being nourished by the good word of God. It went well! Giving talks isn’t as scary as it was before. People don’t scare me anymore. 🙂 Plus you learn so much just preparing a talk. 🙂
We are giving tours of the temple grounds this Saturday again! I’m super excited for that! They are adding more tours because it was so successful last time! 🙂 The Spirit is so strong at the temple, even just on the grounds.
Last Monday for P day, we went with our STLs, Sister Walker and Bishop to the Mississippi river! It was super fun! And really gross and dirty. But we liked it. 🙂 We also sent some pass along cards in a water bottle. The whole message in a bottle thing! So now, someone is going to find it, call the missionaries, and then get baptized. #FindingALLTheWaysToShareTheGospel!!
05092016 Message in a bottle

Gospel message in a bottle #PreachingTheGospel

Anyways, it was such a great week! 🙂 We met some great people and had some fun and taught the gospel! Doesn’t get much better than that! 🙂 I love being a missionary so much! We get to talk about and serve our Savior all day every day!
I love you all! Thank you for your support and prayers! Have a great week!
Sister Oldroyd
Gospel message in a bottle #PreachingTheGospel
Mississippi Selfie!

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