Epistles 5/16/2016

We did epistles as a  zone this week. It’s pretty much a twitter post but as a text sent out to the zone by the zone leaders.
Our @ thing was @SouthSideSistas   (We are in south county)

@SouthSideSistas When you’re minivan tracting and you run into some other mormons.. #SwaggerWaggon

@SouthSideSistas When your companion is super Canadian and says swAgger wAggon.

@SouthSideSistas When someone turns you down but blows you a kiss #ILoveNicePeople

@SouthSideSistas When you ask a less active if you can smell their bible and they end up inviting you to dinner next week #Holla #spiritualgifts #FOOD #SmellingthewordofGod

@SouthSideSistas When you’re driving down the freeway and you almost get run over by a house #onlyinstlouis #peoplebegoincrazy

@SouthSideSistas That awkward moment when it’s easier to get investigatores to come to lessons with you than members #getdunkedalready

@SouthSideSistas When you have weird missionary tan likes from giving temple tours all day #Callmesisterlobster.

Commentary from the elders in our ward. They are salty about us coming into the ward and stealing their thunder and getting all the wc assignments..

@SouthCountyMommaBoyz When you come out of ward council with an assignment even though there were sisters there too #Miraclesdohappen #stillnotbitter

@SouthSideSistas When the elders are being super passive aggressive during gospel principles class #WhoHasTheBaptismThisWeek?

@BigSandyBoyz Shots fired


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