Rawr! 4/18/2016


Hello wonderful family and friends!

This week was great! It was a whirlwind of experiences.

Monday was good. Sister Day packed and we had dinner with Kurt one more time. Then we went to FHE and had to say goodbye to everyone. We aren’t suppose to take lots of time to say goodbye but it’s kinda hard when people want to talk to you. I love the YSA. I’m going to miss it a lot. The people I’ve met over the last 3 months are amazing. 🙂

Tuesday was transfer day so Sister Day left and I had two other sisters with me for that night. We had a good day. We met some pretty solid potential investigators in Oakville! On our way home, we witnessed a car accident. Everyone is ok it was just scary having it happen right in front of us. We called 911 and talked to the cop about what happened. That was an interesting adventure and I’m glad everyone is ok. When we were trying potentials, we pulled up to this house right as a car was pulling out of the driveway. We were praying and the truck backs up right next to us! I get out and start talking to him and he said he was busy but that we could come back any time! So cool! Then, you’ll never guess what happened. The same thing happened again! We pull up to another house as they are pulling in to the driveway. We get out and talk with her and she said she was busy but that we could come back any time! It was pretty cool. We tried them both later in the week but they weren’t home. Someday we will catch them! 🙂 All about patience.

Wednesday was AMAZING!! We went to the trainer meeting and talked with President Morgan. Then we got to meet our new missionaries! My new companion is Sister Lyons. You say it like lions but it’s with a y. She’s so great! She’s just ready to go to work! She was born in Canada but has lived all over the place, she mostly grew up in Texas though. 🙂 I love her! We’re pretty different but we get along great! We’ve had a good couple of days. 🙂

418 car selfie thumbnail_SAM_0140

Car Selfie with Sister Lyons!!

We had our first District meeting on Thursday! We have other sisters in our district! That hasn’t happened my whole mission. 🙂 I’m excited. We also had a lesson with Cherie….. CHERIE IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!! We set a baptism date with her for May 28th. 🙂 I’m super happy for her. She’s been getting her answer and I think she’s finally recognizing it! She says she always feels warm inside when she reads the Book of Mormon, talks about the gospel, prays, meets with us, even just thinking about the gospel!! She’s SO GREAT!! She’s still praying about it and for confirmation about May 28th. 🙂 We had dinner with our new Bishop, Bishop Bankhead. He’s super cool. He gave us a few families to visit. We went to visit one less active/part member family, we knocked on the door and no one was home. We go back to the car and start typing the next address in the GPS and they pull into the driveway! They invited us right in and gave us ice cream… Chocolate. 🙂 We got to know them and talked about faith. They were super sweet. 🙂

We weekly planned on Friday and met an awesome less active! She told us her story and why she was less active. I felt prompted that she really needed to know God loves her. I bore my testimony of His and Christ’s love for His children and for her. I know she felt the Spirit, she was emotional and kept hugging us and telling us thank you for coming and that we could come back any time. It was cool to start to build that relationship with her. The elders in the ward were never able to connect with her. She has really progressed since that lesson. She came to church on Sunday and is doing really well. She’s going to go far. 🙂

Saturday was full of miracles. We got to meet our ward mission leader, he’s hilarious! He’s super sassy and gets things done. Good ward mission leader. He hates it when missionaries say “awesome”. I guess we say it a lot.. We do. So Sister Lyons and I are making a list of things we can say instead of “awesome”. We’re getting pretty creative! 😉  We also found 3 new investigators on Saturday!! We were trying to see former investigators and decided to try this family. The mom was really open and invited us in. We taught the restoration to her and her 12 year old son. The dad will be there for our lesson this week. We also met Bryan, he’s cool. He doesn’t have much of a belief in God and Jesus Christ. We asked him if he wanted to know if they were real, he said “How can I do that?” Well.. since you asked… 🙂 We taught him about prayer and the Godhead. We are meeting him again this week. I’m excited to teach him and help him come unto Christ.

We went to Church in the Oakville ward yesterday! It was cool, the members are great and are excited to have sisters. We also met a super promising potential named Adin, we set a return appointment and he’s super interested! We also met another part member family, they’re so cute! They have three little girls who call sister missionaries “missionettes” So cute! They are feeding us next week. 🙂

It’s been a great week! Long days, but it still goes by fast! I love being a missionary! I’m excited to be training again, Sister Lyons is great! 🙂

I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Sister Oldroyd

Car selfie with Sister Lyons!!

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