Transfer Calls….. Say what?!?!?!?!?!? 4/11/2016


Well, this week sure was interesting….

I’ll start with Saturday. We gave tours of the Temple Grounds! It was great!! There were 3 tours and a total of 115 people!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! We were so happy!!! Paving the way for a visitors center in St. Louis! πŸ™‚

411 Temple T and Day

Temple Grounds Tours

Saturday evening….. We got transfer calls! Sister Day and I were sure one of us would be staying in the YSA. President Morgan called us and talked about the temple tours and also called Sister Day to be an STL! I’m so happy for her! She’ll do great! So we both figured I’d be staying in the YSA. But our STLs called and told Sister Day she’s going to Springfield, IL and then they said I’d be leaving too.. We were all shocked. They just whitewashed the YSA! But they also told me I’d be staying in our same apartment. Whaaaatt? So I am going to open an area that hasn’t had sisters for a long time. and….. I’m also going to be training again!!!!!!! So… Whitewashing. Opening an area. Training.. This is going to be one interesting transfer!!!! πŸ™‚ I’m super excited! They are whitewashing the YSA with the Office Elders.

Anyways.. We had a good week this week. We had our last district meeting of the transfer. We had some super awesome lessons! We had a great lesson with Heather, she is ready to keep learning more! YAY! I just love her. πŸ™‚ We had 2 lessons with Cherie. She’s so close to setting a baptism date!! AH! SO CLOSE! The sad thing is, I don’t get to teach her anymore. We are passing her off to the Webster Groves sisters. It’s ok, she’ll be in good hands. So will Heather.

411 dude plus 2 sisters

Pictures with some member – Our fabulous recent convert, Kurt! He’s the best!


This week we had dinner with all the members of the Branch Presidency and their wives. We wanted to do that so we could build better relationships with them. Now we are leaving haha. But they are all so awesome!!

We finally got to meet with Chance, the pineapple, again. He’s doing well but still not ready to come back to church. He’s also getting married soon, so the APs will teach him again.

We had to drop Pascal this week. It was a mutual dropping. We wanted to set expectations with him again and he told us he isn’t ready to convert right now. But I have faith he’ll meet with missionaries again. πŸ™‚

Sunday was interesting. Being transferred stinks! Many tears were shed between Sister Day and I. You get so attached to people and then you have to leave!! It’s really hard but it’s part of mission life. The whitewash will be good.

I am so blessed to have been able to serve in the St. Louis YSA. I’ve met so many wonderful people who have changed my life. The members are amazing and I’ve loved teaching our investigators here. I learned a lot here. I was blessed to have Sister Day as my companion! #DreamTeam. I’m going to miss the YSA so much!!

411 3 girls
I’m super excited for my next adventure in Oakville! We are sharing the ward with the Zone Leaders. I’m stoked to train again! This time I have slightly more experience under my belt but I know I still have a lot to learn!! πŸ™‚
410 Group

Our awesome district + the STLs


My address is still the same. 4239 Summit Knoll Dr. Apt D Β St. Louis, MO 63129
You can send me a letter if you feel so inclined. πŸ˜‰

I love you all! Thank you for all you do!Β  Have a great week!

Sister Oldroyd


Pictures with some members- Our fabulous recent convert, Kurt! He’s the best!
Emily, super awesome member! She came to lessons with us a lot. πŸ™‚
Sister Day and I at the temple!

Prophets and Pancakes with the sisters!

Prophets and Pancakes with the sisters!
Our awesome district + the STLs.
Another awesome recent convert, Haley. She’s going on a mission!
410 3

Another awesome recent convert, Haley. She’s going on a mission!


More of my Peeps from the YSA!


YSA – More of my Peeps!Β 


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