Brief email home 2/15/2016


one more thing…

Can I request some items for the next package?

Pepper spray (the little travel kind)
man, I forgot the other things. I’ll write it down for next week.
LOVE YOU!!!!!!

{insert mom freaking out}

One week later… 2/22/2016


Mom, don’t freak out. I’m totally safe!! You are right, it’s different being in a big city known for not liking white people. But I love it!! Every day is an adventure. Sister Day has a flash light tazer. she can protect me until the pepper spray comes. We stay in safe places. There were just a few times that we were in neighborhoods (the hood) that we shouldn’t have been in. But we didn’t know that at the time. The perks of white washing. But we were told what areas to stay out of and to only go in the day time. Some stories will have to wait till I get home. 🙂

I like the WASP thing. haha totes funny.
Amber is home?!?!?!?!!? Well I knew that. I get her emails. but I can’t believe it!!!! Crazy!!!!!
I’m so happy for Morgan Gunter!! YAY!!! She’ll be such a great missionary. That makes me happy.
Life is good here. I have my moments of not being ok. I told President Morgan Im fine 90% of the time. He said “me too” haha He’s great.
Sister Day and I are both staying this transfer. 🙂 I’m happy about that. She’s great
 Sister Williams gets to spend the day with us tomorrow! Her trainee went home on thursday :/ and she’s picking up a new trainee on wednesday! She’s so amazing. Such a good missionary.
I love you so much!!!!!! You are the best mom in the world!! I miss you like crazy and I pray for you all the time. Give everyone hugs for me!!
I remember the other things to send me. Sorry for the lateness.
Stamps. (I have one left)
and a few (like two) of those 1/2 shirt things. I think you called them a dickson or something? I don’t remember.
Thanks mom!!!!!  I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

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