St. Louis :) 1/19/2016


Hello wonderful family and friends!!

This week was SO awesome! So much happened if feels like it’s been several weeks.
I made it to my new area! The St. Louis YSA is AWESOME! I love it here. The members are amazing. They are all so missionary minded. Both Sister Day and I are new to the area so it’s been interesting getting to know the area. We cover 2 stakes and 15 wards. The members are super helpful and always willing to come out with us. Our Branch President is President Blair. He’s pretty much awesome. He has that look of a General Authority… And he just got called to be a mission president! So he’s leaving soon so that’s a bummer. He is so involved in this branch and is very loved here. We had some great lessons with some less actives and recent converts. We’re not teaching any investigators right now BUT that is soon to chance. We have some super solid potential lessons this week! #They’reTotesGoingToGetBaptized.

1192016 sisters

Sisters P’Day 

Sisters P’Day (Sister Schow is my STL!!!)

The work is going well. We are working with a less active named Deseraee and she’s already come to church and coming to all the activities this week! There are so many activities here. They have some pretty much every night. We go to Family Home Evening on Mondays and make an appearance at volleyball on Tuesdays. We also get to go to Institute! The activities are such a good place to find people to teach. We can’t exactly go tracting because we are looking for such a specific age range. The members always bring friends and are such good missionaries!! We’ve had some crazy and funny stories in just the first week! I wish I had time to write about all of them.
Sister Day is great! We came out at the same time. We are co-senior companions so we get to switch off driving. She is such an amazing missionary and I am so excited to be her companion! 🙂
This area is amazing! I miss Centralia a lot but I’m excited for this new adventure. This week was great. We got transfered. Moved in. Met some wonderfully amazing people. Got stuck in a car wash yesterday.

1192016 Stuck in car wash

Stuck in a Car Wash

Got (sorta) lost in the city. Activated a less active. Found some solid potential investigators. And ate at St. Louis Bread Co. several times. St, Louis Bread Co is the same as Panera Bread. But don’t tell people that. They get offended. It’s St. Louis Bread Co because it started in St. Louis. 🙂

This week was great! Life is an adventure with some hard times and some good times.

I love you all! Thank you so much for all your love and support. I’ve definitely felt it the past few weeks.
Sister Oldroyd
Stuck in a car wash
Sisters P’Day (Sister Schow is my STL!!!)

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