Pineapples and Miracles 2/8/2016


Family and friends!! I love you!!

 This week has been so great!! We had some amazing lessons and met some great people!
Tuesday we met with some recent converts. One of them is Dustin, he is amazingly solid. His conversion story is great, he was so prepared for the gospel. We also had dinner/lesson with Chance. Sister Broadhead in the whitewash notes described him as a pineapple. Spikey on the outside and mushy on the inside. It couldn’t be more true! He’s so sassy. We had a great lesson with him and actually got to meet his non-member girlfriend later that week!
Being a missionary is cool. There have been things happen in my life that have been hard and that I’ve definitely learned from that have helped me relate to people here.
The members here are great. There are a lot of good schools out here and most of the members of the branch are students. Most of them are in med school or grad school, and return missionaries which means that they are all super smart and super missionary minded. It’s great! We get to work with some amazing people! 🙂
Chris came to church! We are super stoked! He’s progressing a TON! He has great questions and I enjoy teaching him.
Miracle of the week: We got a media referral this week for a lady named Jeinene. The number we had was disconnected so we decided to stop by the address we had for her. No one was home and we tried a couple times on different days and times. We decided to try one more time. Guess who was there?!?!? Not Jeinene. BUT TIAUNNA! She had no idea who Jeinene was but Tiaunna was super interested and she invited us to come back this week. #Miracle. 🙂
This week was great and I love being a missionary!
Sister Day and I get to go to the temple this week! We both hit our 6 month mark this transfer and we get to go to the temple every six months now. SO EXCITED!! 6 months is way too long to not go to the temple. I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂
I love you all so much!! Have an amazing week!!!!
Sister Oldroyd

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