funnie of the day 2/22/2016


Sister Bustillos (my mtc comp who i love and miss dearly) sent me this in an email this week.

“oooh guess what! i was walking to my car from church ( on byu campus ) and the bell towers went of because it was 1 ( ive never heard them go off before ) and  2 slowly i recognized what it was playing ” come come ye saints! no toil nor labor fear!” then i started laughing out loud ( i looked like such a weirdy cuz i was alone! ) then realized what the lyrics should be… “come come and kiss me!” (; hahah oh man i loved that story!”
 * Mom/Editor Note:
The alternative lyrics go a little like this:
Sung embarrassingly, as only only a mom with such musical prowess as Tess’s mom can, to the tune of “Come Come Ye Saints”
Come! Come ye saints,
Come kiss me on the lips!
Grab my head
Pull me close.
Then kiiiiii—–ss my mooooouth……
Not everyone has a church song as a sound track to their first kiss.

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