Mother Daughter Letters 12/6/2015


Action Figures… not Barbies! 12/6/2015

Hello my dahhhhhhling daughter!

What a crazy weekend! Although Cole’s b-day is today (Monday when you get this), we had a friend/cousin b-day on Saturday. Along with the Ward Christmas Breakfast (8:30 – 10:30 am) – Primary Baptism 11:00 am, AND Cole’s party at 12:30.  Phew! I was /am exhausted!!!!  Just cousins alone on Darrin’s side  was the party limit of 12 kids – then you pay $10 extra for any over the 12. Total we had 16 kids (including Cole and Korben).  Cole had a blast and got some really cool things. His favorite were these 12″ action figures of Spiderman, Antman, Venom and other characters to battle and fight. Tammy asked for suggestions and I said – “I saw some Spiderman Barbies – I think he might like one of those.”  After much discussion we determined that they were “ACTION FIGURES” not “Barbies”. I’ve lived in the little girl world and am still transitioning.

Today after church I put up some of Christmas. The tree is WAY TO heavy and Braden is WAY TOO afraid to work –  so we only got it down from the rafters in the garage and decided to save it for Darrin. During our Christmas fiasco – part I – Cole broke 1 snow globe, 1 glass hand of a shepherd and peed his pants not once, but THREE times today!!!  It was all I could do not to beat him. The third time I made him scrub and rinse the clothing in the bath tub. I made him ring out the underwear and he said, “That’s DISGUSTING” in his little lisp. Perhaps he will think re-think the peeing of his pants next time. Uggh – this child.

Sunday has not been a day of rest – so I feel like I need another weekend. Yes. Please?

Plus Darrin has been traveling on business again so it has been a little crazy.

Cole started wrestling last week. It’s adorable and perfect for him! He runs., has mastered the forward somersault, runs some more, goes for a drink, run some more and then does more somersaults when he’s supposed to be doing something else.  They play a game called “Foxtail” (#whatdoesthefoxsay) – it’s like steal the flag, but they take off their shirts, tuck it in the back of their pants and run around and try to grab each others shirts. Cole is ALL about taking off his shirt.

When we were in SLC for Thanksgiving – Cole and Trace were “exercising” and of course they couldn’t have their shirts on.

There was a dual meet between SUU and Dixie – so I took him over to see “real” wrestling.  He routed for Dixie and I was for SUU.  SUU’s team must be fairly new.  Unfortunately, SUU got beat pretty bad – but there were a few really tough guys. We only stayed a little but I was surprised how long Cole paid attention. I think I have to face it that Cole will be a Dixie boy. You’ll have some work to do when you get back.

How are things going for you? Are you warm enough? What do you need? How are you? How are your headaches? Do you need more exercise cards? Did you like the “Cat Exercise”?

Let me know your WISH LIST for Christmas. I’ve got get moving on it.

Love you my dear! Big HUGS!!!! I love you!!!!

Love, Momma

Letter to Mom 12/7/2015

First of all. Tell Cole HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  I can’t believe he’s 5!?!?! How did that happen?

I’m glad he had a good birthday!

Wrestling is perfect. Oh my. That makes me happy. Is Grandpa so proud?

SUU must have just gotten it this year. Sometimes I think SUU should not concentrate on sports.. Not our best strength.

Things are going great! Tuesday was not a good day. But the rest of the week went really well. I am warm enough for now. It’s been 60 degrees during the day.. it’s weird. I don’t really need anything for now. Thank you though. 🙂 You’re the best! I’ve gotten a couple headaches this week. It stinks but I have long intervals between headaches. It’ll be a couple weeks then I’ll get 3 in one week. I don’t know what’s up with that. But I’m ok. 🙂

I’m driving to St. Louis tomorrow. I’m excited to go to the city again! I’m a little nervous to drive there. It’s the biggest city I’ve driven in and we’ll be driving in rush hour… nice. haha it’ll be good though. #missionaryprotection.

I told you last week my Christmas wish list haha 🙂 I think letters from the family would be the best. And some printed pictures. Maybe another watch. I don’t know. I don’t really need anything. 🙂

Give everyone big hugs! I love and miss you all! 🙂 Thank you for being amazing!

Have an amazing week! I look forward to talking to you on Christmas! See if Sister can come.

Love you!!!


 To Tess from Mom 12/7/2015

Re: Action figures……… not barbies.
Sister is coming – so she’ll be there for the skype. She and Devon will be with us.

I love the #missionaryprotection.

You’ll do fine driving in a big city. You can handle Vegas – you got this!!!

I love you! Have a great week!


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