Letters from Mom/Letter to Mom


To Tess from Mom 11/22/2015

Hello my Dahhhhling daughter!

Hope all is well.  By now you should have received both packages.  I hope it’s everything you dreamed it would be.  How many penguin sweaters does one girl own!? There’s still a fox sweater down there. # whatdoesthefoxsay

Christmas is coming – what is it that missionaries – namely, you, are wanting / needing for Christmas?

This week was really uneventful except for one major awesome movie night.  But I got Cole back which was really great and added to the excitement of life. I miss that little monkey when he’s gone.

Before Cole came back I got to see a double feature of Mocking Jay parts I & II.  Oooomygoshhhhhh. Excellent.  You won’t be disappointed.  I smuggled in bread. #forPeeta. I had to. Frozen Jr. Mints and rosemary bread. It was perfect.

I took Cole to see Santa -I’ll send a pic.


Santa Baby

Santa Baby. Dickens Festival St. George 2015.

We went to the Jubilee of Trees #cutestsantathere. As we arrived, Cole ran ahead to open to the door for two cute girls. They said thank you. I said good job for being such a gentleman.  He got his picture taken and then got cotton candy as we looked at all the trees.  As he’s eating and getting messy, he says, “Oh no! My hands are sticky – I can’t be a gentleman anymore.”

Then as we were looking at the trees he declares this one “too girly” and the one next to it – “too Jesus-y”. Never one to disappoint  – Cole is entertaining. We had a little talk about what Christmas is all about. Then we got hot cocoa.

Primary is great! I love it so much.

We are headed to SLC for Thanksgiving. We will see Carisa. Tamie is going to be there and Kam and baby Sophia.  I’m really looking forward to it. We weren’t going to travel because D has been traveling a lot for work but he’ll be up there already and I found a ride for Cole and I so we wouldn’t have to take the shuttle. It seemed silly to have two cars up there.  D left today and we will meet there on Wednesday.  K will be with his Mom and Braden has to work.

Let me know what you want for Christmas.

I wish I had more to report.  I love you! I hope you get turkey.

Big hugs from home!

Love, Momma

To the mother from Tess 11/23/2015

Thanks for making me super jealous about Mockingjay. It’s one word btdoubs.

Thank you for the package! You’re the best! I now have way too many sweaters. I think I need to send some back. 😦 I don’t have that much room. I really appreciate it 🙂 I love you!

I love the gentleman story!! SO CUTE!!! Oh my heck.  The tree story is great. Too Jesus-y.
Oh man, he’s a turkey! I’m excited you get to go see the fam! Tell all of them I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! Give lots of love and hugs from me. Take lots of pictures too. You should try and convince Sister to come for Christmas so I can skype with yall! I’m getting excited! Christmas is coming soon! 🙂

I don’t know what I want for Christmas.. You already got me an awesome coat and boots! I don’t know, nothing too big.

Things are going great here. I had sorta had a rough morning. I just get into a mood sometimes and I feel really inadequate and unqualified. Sister Williams is great. She helped me out a lot.  I know it’s fine, I just need to stop thinking too hard. And I know I’m doing good. It’s hard sometimes because you work so so hard and you don’t always see the results of your efforts. That’s not what it’s about though. I’ll be ok though. 🙂 I’m doing well.

I love getting your emails! I love the updates on the happenings. Thank you for being the greatest mom ever! I LOVE YOU! Thank you for everything. Give everyone hugs for me. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Love, Tess

I love it when I know you’re emailing! 11/22/2015

Big kisses and hugs to you!!! I love you so much!!!

Hope you are warm!

Love, Momma

Ponderize and don’t feel inadequate

Jacob 4:7

You have power. You are powerful. You are capable. You are amazing!


RE: Ponderize and don’t feel inadequate

Thank you mom. I needed that. 🙂


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