IT SNOWED!!! 11/23/2015

And by snowed I mean tiny bits of frozen water pelting you in the face for about 20 minutes. Not Utah snow, but it SNOWED! I was super excited and started jumping up and down. 🙂 I love the snow, and the winter time! Cold is different here. It’s weird.


Our first snow selfie!

This week was pretty great! We had some awesome lessons and met some awesome people.

We had a cool experience while tracting the other day. We were trying to contact a referral we had gotten from the elders and she was never home! We decided to try some doors on the street that happened to be called Cedar Street. (shout-out to my C-City peeps) We weren’t having too much luck but then we knocked on this super cute house and this Hispanic woman came to the door. Her name is Evlia. She was super sassy and hilarious! She way nice and willing to talk to us but she only believes in science and talked about that for a while. She invited us to come back though! Turns out you don’t need to go on your mission to Mexico to meet awesome old Hispanic ladies!  Anyways, we kept going down the street and saw a man getting out of his car so we went to talk to him and guess who else was there? Evlia! It was cool. They’re neighbors. So we started talking to Fernando, but Evlia kept talking about how Fernando was young and single and should come to our church so he could meet cute church girls. Long story short, Evlia had to leave and we talked to Fernando for a little bit. He grew up Christian and really loves his family. He is really sincere and so accepting when we told him about the Book of Mormon. It’s truly amazing how people are prepared to receive the gospel. He invited us to come back and teach his family, we need a translator so that will be interesting. It’s so frustrating not to speak the same language as people. We are very excited to meet with them again.  🙂

A couple of our investigators are really starting to progress in leaps and bounds! Gregory is still getting baptized, but in December now. Susan is gaining her witness of the Book of Mormon! Pam is as great as ever. Rosie, Natriell and Donsharell accepted the invitation to be baptized! They just don’t want to set a date yet. Several less-actives are starting to come to church regularly. Oh golly. I love all the people here so much! I’ve met so many people in the short time I’ve been here that have changed my life! It’s truly amazing.

The ward Primary Program was yesterday. I just love the Primary Program! It’s one of my favorite Sundays of the year! The kids in my ward are so cute! They are so full of the Spirit and you can feel it when they sing and speak. 🙂

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving this week! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope you get to spend it with family! 🙂

Being on a mission is wonderful. It’s exactly what I need to be doing right now in my life. I’m learning so much it’s not even funny. I didn’t know your brain and your heart could be capable of so much!

I love you ALL! Have an amazing Thanksgiving week! Thank you for everything! I’m so grateful for all of you. 🙂

Sister Oldroyd


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