First week of training! 10/26/2015

Ok, so this week was awesome. I just love being a missionary! Sister Schow and I both went to transfer meeting on Wednesday and I got to pick up my trainee!!! Her name is Sister Williams and she is the coolest person ever! I swear she came pre-trained haha! She’s such a great missionary already! We had a good week. We got to know each other and had some really good lessons. I had a “oh my goodness I love all these people so much” moment this week. Telling Sister Williams about the people we are visiting made me realize how much I truly care for them. I love them all so much!


Sister Williams and I unintentionally matched so we took a picture by a pretty lake. πŸ™‚

So many cool things happened this week. Seriously, miracles every day.

Transfer meeting on Wednesday was great! I got a training on how to train, and we had another training with the trainers and the trainees. Then we went to the big meeting and the new missionaries come up one by one and say where they’re from and what area they are going to and who their trainer is going to be. Never been so anxious in my life! Haha. Sister Williams was the very last sister to go, and I just felt super happy and calm and excited all at the same time. All the anxiety went away and I knew it was going to be alright. πŸ™‚


Pretty tree with fall leaves.

Another cool thing that happened this week; Susan, our investigator, called us on Friday and canceled. (not so cool) BUT she came to church that week. I had promised her that if she came to church her relationship with her daughter would improve. It was so cool, I had no intention of saying that but the spirit told me to… so I did..Β  When she called on Friday, she said that her and Emma had a really good week and that they got along, she even gave her mom a hug and told Susan that she loved her. I almost started crying when she told us that. It was really cool. The Spirit is just awesome!

One reason Sister Williams is the coolest person ever is that she’s super musically talented. We went to visit this less active/part member family and we watched the Restoration DVD. We were talking about prayer and receiving answers to prayers. It was going well but it just wasn’t flowing. Sister Williams asked if she could sing a song. She sang I Am a Child of God. The Spirit was instantly there and the mom started crying. It was really cool to see. Sister Williams is super brave. She’s good at using her talents.

We decided to practice a few songs so we could sing together.

We went to see a less active family on Saturday, and to our surprise the elders were already there!

#ThatsWhatHappensWhenYouShareAnArea But they still invited us in. We talked about Christ and we sang I Stand All Amazed. It was so cool. After we sang, the mom said “Ok, I’m coming to church tomorrow!!” haha it was awesome! That night our district leader called us and asked us to do a musical number for president interviews this week.

#ThatsWhatHappensWhenYouSingInFrontOfPeople… Super scary but I guess it invites the Spirit so we’ll do it anyways πŸ˜‰

This week was so so good. I am so blessed to be here and I love being a missionary. The Spirit really is the teacher. I love you ALL!!!! Thank you for your love and support! Have a wonderful week!!

Sister Oldroyd


We had to take a cheesy leaf throwing picture.


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