Transfer calls…….. say whaaaaaat?? 10/19/2015

Ok, so today we are going to start with Saturday.

Transfers are this week so guess what that means?! Transfer calls on Saturday! We were pretty anxious that day because we weren’t sure what was going to happen. We were pretty sure Sister Schow would be leaving because she’s been in Centralia for a while and just got done training me. So we were waiting (not so) patiently for the call. But. President Morgan called us instead! He called and asked Sister Schow to be an STL!!!!

WWWOOOOOHHOO! I am so happy for her and she is going to do amazing things!! Then we got the regular transfer call. Sister Schow is going to Missouri and I’M GOING TO BE A MOM!!!!!!! translation from missionary lingo: I’M GOING TO BE TRAINING!!!

You could say that I’m slightly terrified. But I’m super excited! I’m really sad Sister Schow is leaving. She really is such a great companion. I’ve learned so much from her. I’ll miss her.

This week was really good. We had more lessons with investigators and found 11 new investigators!! Such a miracle! We really focused on finding this week too keep our teaching pool from becoming stagnant. It totally worked! We had gone through some former investigators and picked a few to try this week. If they weren’t home we would try a few houses around theirs. We also talked to a bunch of people on the street and found some families and part member families. We are seriously so blessed! I love being a missionary and having a front seat for all these miracles. The Lord truly is preparing so many people for the gospel. We just need to go out and find them. 🙂


District pictures. We did the “President Morgan” .He does this thing where he takes his glasses off and points with his whole hand. He’s awesome.

Oh, another miracle this week. Jojo was tired of living in the apartment she was in so she moved. We go to her new house and the friend she had moved in with is a member!! She is from Germany and we had no record of her! Ok. What are the chances. So we got her information and we were super stoked about that.

Centralia is SUPER big on Halloween. Tons of houses went all out on decorations and there are decorations all over town. Lots of pumpkins… and corn stalks.. There’s no shortage of those in southern Illinois! It’s cool. I’m excited for Halloween.


Sister Schow and I unintentionaly dressed like Anna and Elsa from Frozen… #coolestsistermissionariesever

This week went really well. I’m really happy. 🙂 You experience a lot of extremes on a mission. One minute you are so happy because someone says they know the Book of Mormon is true and the next you are really sad because you get dropped. But the disappointments in no way compare the the joy you feel because of the gospel. I know this church is true. I know it brings eternal joy. I love being a missionary. I’m excited and nervous to be training. It’s going to be an adventure!

I love you all! Thank you for all your love, support and prayers. 🙂

Sister Oldroyd


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