10/12/2015 Good Week :)‏

Hello everyone!!

This week was quite fabulous! I enjoyed it. We had some good lessons and got so much done!

We had exchanges this week. I stayed in Centralia this time and Sister Schow went to another area. I was kinda nervous because I was in charge of the area for a day. On exchanges, either everything goes super well or everything falls through. But it was one of those good exchanges that went super well! It was super fun and I learned a lot from our STLs. Sister Ewell is hilarious and such a good missionary!

We had fun and we taught well together. We had some major breakthroughs this week! Several people opened up to us and we were better able to understand them and know how to best help them. I love the people here so much. They are all just SO COOL! Sister Schow and I have a list of people in Centralia that we are obsessed with.. It’s quite long. They are all just so cool in so many different ways. 🙂

We decided to make cookies this week so we got all the ingredients out and realized that we didn’t have sugar.. very vital to the cookie effort. BUT we did have lemon cake mix. So we made lemon cake cookies! And they actually turned out pretty amazing. #wehaveskills We brought them to a bunch of people and they loved them.

Our bishop threw a Halloween party so we stopped by for a little bit. We decided that we wanted to dress up.. as a missionary, your costume options are very limited. But we got creative and came up with the clever idea to dress up as each other!

P1020066I know, clever right? #totesadorbs


This morning for our pday, some of our recent converts took us to this cool petting zoo in Nashville! (Illinois) Roger and Sarah are the coolest people. (they’re on our list of people who we are obsessed with) They took us to Rainbow Ranch. I’ll include some pictures.

It was really fun and the animals were super sweet.

All in all, it was a very good week. I love being a missionary. 🙂 I know the church is true and that it can bring so much joy to your life. 🙂

I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!!

Sister Oldroyd  10/12/2015


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