Prayer Works!!! 9/27/2015


Letters from Home
Response to the “Prayer Challenge/Invite”
To Tess from Mom
To Mom from Tess

Mom: Well, well, smarty pants. We took your challenge of family prayer. We’ve been doing well -I think we missed once this week and that was because D went to bed at 8 from sleep deprevation from working all night and the rest of us forgot.

So far things between Korben and Cole are the best they’ve been. Also playing a few bouts of “Zombie Mom” helps. He actually makes an effort to talk to me – “Hey Bonnie” – he’ll say.

Mind you, it’s not perfect, but there has been marketed improvement. Thanks a lot!! — Insert your “I told you so comments”.

Tess: AAAHHH!! I’m so happy you accepted the challenge!!! WWWWOOOOOHHHHOOOOOO!!!!! Yay! I knew there would be blessings that came from that!! Keep it up!!!

M: This week I actually went to two appointments with the missionaries. Both of which everyone showed up this time. Nakisha (8) and her mom Kristy have been being taught for a bit by Elders Heggie and Holt.

Nakisha is a spunky little girl and will be great addition to primary. Although Alivia is not too keen on her sitting next to me or getting any attention -she’s moving in on her “Bonnie Time”.

Kristy asked me to speak at their baptism so what could I say but -ok. I was brief and don’t worry, I didn’t sing.

Musical score

I was able the use some of my Primary budget and get them both their own scriptures. I shared 2 Nephi  31:17-20 something-where Jesus talks about baptism and repentance being the gate and feasting upon the word of Christ and enduring to the end. It was the perfect segway to presenting the scriptures. They were thrilled.

It was a sweet baptism and they are super excited. They were both nervous for their interviews. I got sit in on Nakisha’s.

T: Good job with the baptism!! You are such a great example to those kids and to me too. I love that scripture in 2 Nephi, we use it all the time. That makes me happy. Recent converts are bomb.

M: Hopefully the ward will continue to play a role and they will feel comfy and welcome. It’s a big change for people, not to mention a huge commitment.

The gal that spoke on the Holy Ghost (she’s a RM) gave a great perfect analogy about how the Holy Ghost is like a stop light. That sometimes you’ll get and red light to say “stop” “hold up”. Other times it will be yellow “caution” light to say be careful. Other times you’ll get the full green light that says “Go for it!”.

It was really beautiful.

I love you my girl! Thank you being you and for serving the Lord!! Here’s a big FAT hug!!! Open hands sign

I’ll attach some pics of our fall leaf peeping trip. We missed you! I hope to get to see fall leaves there. Brian’s Head was amazing.

T: I love the pictures of BH and the leaves!!!! Oh how I miss the mountains. There aren’t even hills here. It’s depressing.

M: How about the lunar eclipse super moon!?!? Did you see it? We had clouds. Thumbs down sign– boo!!

T: I did see the lunar eclipse!! It was way cool! We got home just in time.

Love you my Missionary Miss!!!

Love, Momma


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