Greetings from Centralia 9/14/2015

Hello everybody!

Everything is oh so good here in the beautiful Centralia. This week was great! I simply love being a missionary.

So many things to talk about! We had some great lessons and saw a bunch of people. We had 4 investigators at church yesterday!!! It was great. A couple of our investigators are really progressing and it’s so cool to see them change! The gospel just makes people happy! There’s no denying it.

We have Mission Conference this week! I’m so excited, it’s going to be so good.

We’ve been working with our bishop and ward mission leader and the elders in our ward on a talk by Elder Bednar called “And None Shall Offend Them”. The talk is so good and can be applied to many situations other than being offended. One thing that I like in the talk is the difference between acting and being acted upon. Its like a tree and a leaf. A tree is firmly rooted in the ground, it is strong. A leaf is easily blown about by the things of the world. Being acted upon means you let other things affect you, your situation or  what people say to you. But we all have the choice of what we do. No one can make us do anything. We need to act, we have agency for a reason. Christ is the perfect example of this. He is one who acts. No matter what happens around Him, He stays strong and firmly rooted in his testimony. We’ve been sharing this thought with some members and it has gone really well! Great things are happening in our ward.

This week has been long but good. I really enjoy being a missionary and sharing the gospel and inviting others to come unto Christ. Life is so good!! 🙂

I love you all! Thank you for your love and support. 🙂

Sister Oldroyd

DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES – pics will be added later.

Pictures: It was a jeep week. In case you can’t read the tire cover, it says “silly boys jeeps are for girls”  #JEEPSWAG


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