Cats are Evil 9/21/2015


Letters Home/Letters from Home
To Mom from Tess
To Tess from Mom


Tess: Mother, I have taken after you and I am allergic to cats. Usually I don’t touch them and I’m fine. We were at our investigators house and this cat was all over me. It was walking on my scriptures pawing at my face and trying to cuddle with me. I tried to be polite and just set the cat down each time but it ended up being repeated every 5 seconds. By the time we left, my eyes were red and my nose was running like a waterfall. #Idon’tkickcatsIgentlyscootthemwithmyfoot

Mom: “Cole. He’s so naughty at church. Actually sacrament meetings are getting better but primary is rough. We are getting ready for the Primary Program- my favorite Sunday do all the year!”

T: I am so excited for you and the primary program!! It is going to be great and hopefully pants will stay on.

M: “Last year I made fun of the rodeo so Darrin let me off the hook and told me I didn’t have to go this year. He (weirdly) loves the rodeo and has been going year after year – it’s his tradition. He planned on taking the boys. I was supposed to go with the missionaries for a discussion for a mom and daughter – the girl is a spunky 8 year old that will be in primary. It got re-scheduled (I’m sure you know what that’s like!) D told me to relax and enjoy some time to myself. When my appt got rescheduled to Saturday I was feeling super left out -FOBLO (Fear of Being Left Out – it’s a real thing!) so I decided to go. Please remind me next year that I don’t like the rodeo. I don’t mean that I don’t like the rodeo- but that I’m allergic to the rodeo.

T: Rodeos have animals.. animals have hair.. you don’t do well with animal hair.. I will be sure to remind you next year. #justsayno   What a wonderful experience. 😉

M: I’m not talking about “fake allergic” -which Kay, my work bestie, used to use on her mission if she didn’t like what was being served, she claimed she was “allergic”. BTDUBBS- Kay advises if you do use it, be sure to have a follow up answer to the “what will happen if you eat … Fill in the blank with nasty food-” question. She was fond of “it made her stomach ache really bad”.

T: The fake allergy thing is a great idea. I haven’t run into any thing that I don’t want to eat. The food is usually pretty good. However, one family did bring up road kill one time…

M:  The mom and daughter ended up no-showing for the rescheduled appt. I think they told the missionaries but didn’t get word to the three members that showed up for moral support. Oh well. There’s always next time. I’m sure it’s a lot to take in.

T: That’s so cool that you (almost) went to a lesson with the missionaries! Member present lessons are so amazing and important. The missionaries are so so so thankful for members to come. We have daily goals and one of them is member present lessons. We are suppose to find members to come to every lesson if possible. I’m sure it’s easier to get members to come in Utah #allthemmormons haha. But it’s a cool experience and you should try to go again. 🙂

M: Hope things are going well. Darrin noticed that you took his advice and finally spent some money! Yay! And he told me to give you a bad time for going to a Tequilla Bar. I hope it was de-lischhhhhhh.

I took Sister Schow to a birthday dinner, That is what Tequilas is. Just a Mexican restaurant. There aren’t many food places here in Centralia haha so Tequilas it was! Tell Darrin thank you 🙂

This week was really good. Mission conference was amazing. It helped me remember how important missionary work is.

Sister got a chinchilla…. it sounds SO FLIPPING ADORABLE!!!  Even for a rodent.

I love you so much! I miss you and the family! Give everyone big hugs!

Oh! I want to issue a challenge to you and the family: Have family prayers every night. We used to do them all the time, but praying is awesome and doing it as a family brings so many blessings! 🙂 I’ll follow up next week too. Its what we do.  We invite, they commit, we follow up. It’s a real thing. But anyways, Try and do it every night. It will be worth it. 🙂

I love you so much!! I hope you have a wonderful week! Love you!


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