A Week Full of Miracles 9/28/2015


This week was so grand! Aw man, I just love life!

One thing that I love about being a missionary is that you have the spirit with you all the time!! It’s a great feeling.

We started the week off with a bunch of great lessons. We set a baptism date with Nachoooooooo (ok, bad joke)

When your missionary does not send pictures, the mother improvises.

When your missionary does not send pictures, the mother improvises.

haha but we are super excited! We also set a date with Pam, she is the coolest person ever. She has so much faith and is willing to change her life. We set a date for her to quit smoking a couple weeks away so she could work her way down, then at church yesterday she said she’s quitting cold turkey today!! BOOM! She’s golden. We’ve really been noticing miracles from focusing on those who are progressing. It’s really cool to see how the gospel can change people’s lives.

Ok, another miracle. We were trying to find this less active named TJ, His address didn’t exist in the GPS and we had no idea what to do. We decided to go visit another person and on our way, we went passed his street! We found the apartment complex!! We park and get out of the car and notice this guy walking in so we started talking to him and he said he was already a member of our church! It was TJ!!! He told us to come back another time because he was busy, we came back and HIS WHOLE FAMILY wants to start getting into church. Part-member families. They’re the best. So we started teaching his family.

We got permission from our apartment manager and apartment inspectors to have the Young Women come to help us paint our room and bathroom. It was bright yellow… Like a nasty yellow. Anyways, they came over and helped us paint! It was super helpful and it looks so good!! It was fun getting to know the Young Women in our ward.

What's wrong with yellow?

What’s wrong with yellow?

When the Young Women came to help us paint.

When the Young Women came to help us paint.

The members here are super missionary minded, they’re so great! We were able to contact and teach a couple member referrals this week. UGH! Missionary work is so great!

We also had Zone Leadership Training this week. ZLT is where we are able to receive trainings from our Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. President and Sister Morgan came as well. It was all about mission conference. Long story short, our mission has a lot of work to do. All the trainings were great and I learned so much! We learned about things we can do to improve our work. We’ve already seen so many blessings come from mission conference and ZLT this week. The Zone Leaders shared a really good story, I won’t be able to tell it as well as I’d like.

It was about this seminary class and the teacher brought doughnuts for everyone. He had previously asked one of the boys if he could do about 300 push-ups in class that day. The boy said yes. Class started and the teacher began asking each student if they would like a doughnut, with every answer he asked the boy to do 10 push-ups so that the student could have a doughnut. The students began catching on and began saying no to the doughnuts. He would ask the boy if he could do 10 push-ups so that the student could have a doughnut they didn’t want. The boy started getting tired but he still did 10 push-ups for each student so that they could have a doughnut that they didn’t want. One student from another class started to walk in the room, the students tried to stop him from coming in but the boy who was doing the push-ups told them no, to let him come in. The last student was crying, the teacher asked if she would like a doughnut, she said no thank you, the teacher then turned to the boy and asked if he would do 10 push-ups so that she could have a doughnut she didn’t want. The boy did 10 then collapsed. This was to represent our Savior giving everything He had, even His life, so that we would have the gift of the atonement. It is our choice to accept the gift.


This week I’ve learned a lot about the atonement and agency. I understand it better than I did before. Our Savior sacrificed Himself for us. So that we can have forgiveness. He has paid the price and given us this gift. It’s our choice to accept this gift and use it or leave it sitting unwrapped on the table. The gospel can change people. The atonement is real. I know that.

I am so blessed to be here right now. I know this church is true and that the atonement is real.

I love all of you, thank you for all the love and prayers! Have a wonderful week!

Sister Oldroyd


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