T’was a good week :) ‏ 8/31/2015

Welp, mission life is still AWESOME!!!! I am seriously so blessed. I love it here.

We had another interesting week filled with amazing experiences. We taught a bunch of lessons and met with a bunch of sweet people. We had dinner with a few members too, we have this elderly lady in our ward who takes us to Pizza Hut sometimes. She is the cutest lady ever! She is really smart and talks super duper fast. It’s great. We also had dinner with the Mills again. That was fun. Brother Mills is hilarious. We ask him how he is all the time and he always says “finer than frog hair” haha I die of laughter every time!

We started teaching Mike this week. He is so solid. It is so cool to meet people who really want to listen to you, and who are willing to ACT on the things they learn. We had some other good lessons as well. Lots of recent convert lessons 🙂 All the recent converts just glow. The gospel just makes people happy! Simple as that!!

On Wednesday we had District Meeting and I gave my first training! It went well, I talked about using the Book of Mormon to respond to questions and objections. It was so helpful to me, I learned a lot about using it more in lessons. Preach My Gospel is so jam packed full of amazing stuff! It truly is inspired.

Sister Schow got to go to the temple this week on Thursday for her half way point! I’m super jealous but I am so glad she got to go. While she was there, I went on a mini exchange with one of our STLs Sister Ewell. She is so great. We had a few appointments that went really well. We were really trying to find a member to come with us to Eric’s lesson, we needed someone who would help keep him on track, (he is a bit enthusiastic) we called so many people! We couldn’t find anyone so we went to his lesson. For the first time on my mission, we got yelled at. It was sad because he didn’t understand the things he was telling us. It was hard for Sister Ewell because he was so solid before and really willing to learn then he told us he didn’t want to see us anymore. We tried to talk with him but he didn’t want to, we bore testimony and left. Definitely an experience. The spirit can’t be with contention. We realized that that is why we couldn’t find a member to come with us.

The rest of the week went interestingly too. We had a ton of appointments scheduled for Friday… Every. Single. One. Canceled. We got a lot done though! It ended up being alright. Everything happens for a reason and just how God wants it to happen.

Church was so good this week! All four missionaries in our ward gave talks. Sister Schow and I did a musical number. I was so scared! There were only two of us singing. I had never done that before. We did alright though. We made one person cry. #goalaccomplished haha yeah that was fun. We had dinner with the Mooth family last night. They live on a farm and have a bunch of animals and 9 kids. They had us and the Elders in our ward over. There was a lot going on haha it was so awesome! We got to know them better and they are a really cool family.

I am still learning so much here! I have been reading the Book of Mormon a lot. The Book of Mormon is so central to our purpose as missionaries! Everything comes down to having a testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. Teaching others about these things has helped me grow my own testimony so much stronger. I love being a missionary and sharing this wonderful message with people. It truly is a great life.

I love you ALL so so much! Thank you for everything!!

Sister Oldroyd

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