Mission life… WOOTWOOT!‏

Well folks, life is just grand! I am still loving mission life!
This week has been great! We had another baptism on Saturday! Harold and his family are so happy. I am happy for them too. Baptism truly changes people, it’s awesome.
At Harolds baptism 8172015

At Harold’s Baptism

We had a bunch of really good lessons this week. We had one in Spanish too!! Haha Crazy story. So we teach this man named Nacho. He doesn’t speak English very well and can’t read very well in English or Spanish. Luckily we have this awesome member named Francisco who is a stellar translator! It is so cool how the gospel is the same in every language. It was funny, we would ask Nacho a question and him and Francisco would go at it and talk for 5 minutes then Francisco would tell us “oh he said yes” haha we have no idea what is going on most of the time. I’ve learned that the gift of tongues is more like the gift of understanding. The language of the Spirit is universal and you can feel it in any language. It is awesome.
We had more lessons this week and we also had dinner with a couple members. The members here are just so great! They love the missionaries and they love to feed us. Deb is one sister who feeds us once a week. She always gives us a pack of instant pudding each. We have about 30 boxes at our apartment haha. It’s awesome. We decided to get a little creative one day and made pudding and put it in the freezer! A few hours later… BOOM frozen. #genius It is just like pudding ice cream. Doesn’t get much better than that! We had dinner with the Mills on Saturday again. They take all the missionaries in our district to Cracker Barrel once a transfer. It was delicious. They are the sweetest people ever. Brother Mills is funny. He’s kinda sassy.
Guess what?!? I hit my one month mark this week! I’ve been on my mission for a whole month! It feels like a week. It is crazy how time seems to pass differently. The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. Sister Schow is super cute and crafty, she made me a post-it note cake on my desk in the morning. She’s adorable.
Postit cake 8172015
Church was great yesterday!! We got a new bishop, so that is exciting. President and Sister Morgan surprised us and showed up at church! Haha it was crazy and it was so good to see them. Ok, cool story. We noticed this woman at church that we had never seen before. We went to talk to her and she told us that she wasn’t feeling it at her church, the people weren’t very nice to her and her son. She decided to come to our church that day. She said that she had already felt welcome in the first 5 minutes of being there. She is awesome. We went to Sunday School and Relief Society and she was just going around introducing herself to all these people! After RS she pulled out her phone and invited us to dinner with! We hadn’t even asked if we could come teach her sometime! She is the greatest.
One thing I’ve noticed about my mission is that I see people differently. I think it’s a missionary super power.
Sister Schow and I talked about it. We see so much potential in every person. We see what they can become and what they can achieve. I realized, that’s how our Heavenly Father sees us. He doesn’t see us for who we were or the mistakes we’ve made. He sees our eternal potential. He has a plan for us and He loves us so much. He is always with us and will always help us no matter what. It is amazing.
The gospel is true and can bring us lasting happiness.
I love you all! Thank you for everything!

Sister Oldroyd


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