Text from a Random Number


From the Mother:  Today I received a text message from an unfamiliar number.  What a pleasant surprise! This is what it said:

“Dear Sister Holman {*she misspelled my name but it’s ok, she’s forgiven – last names are tricky*}.   My name is Sister Michelle Fitz…..{I’ll leave her name out until I get permission – you know, in case she’s in the witness protection program or involved in some clandestine secret operations.}    I am a CSM photographer missionary for the church.  I also volunteer with the Provo MTC.  I live in Payson Utah.   I just had the opportunity to have a Skype call from your daughter.  She is doing very well.  She and her companion taught me about pioneers.   I was astounded by her testimony!  She was quick to answer all of my questions.  She clearly has been prepared by a strong family and mother.  I have a son on a mission in Villahermosa Mexico.   I am so grateful for any news or stories from him.  Or those he comes in contact with.  So I try to make sure i get a cell phone number from each missionary for their moms.  Your daughter sends her love.  She is doing well.   I hope my text meets your family as a tender mercy from the Lord.  Not me.  For he is aware.   And he loves you and your daughter.”

It also came with this screen shot. {**Thanks fellow Missionary Mom!**}

Skype Screen Shot

I shared the photo and note with a friend from work, who just happened to be her fabulous missionary photo photographer (Kay Stasinos – you can follow her on Pinterest)! After a “OH MY HECK” and hashtag conversation #tendermercies, Kay said, “OMG Tess is having a GREAT hair day” – insert clapping hand Emoji’s.

Tess said once, “Kay is my favorite part about your new job!”  #sistamissionariessticktogether.  Kay served a mission in New England, took her photos, shared some missionary moments with Tess before she left, and gives me Missionary Mom advice.

Here’s to GREAT hair days my girl!


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