First Week!!


HI Sister OldroydEVERYONE!!!!

It is so good to hear from everyone.
My first week at the MTC was AMAZING!!!! It’s basically Hogwarts.. we have all you can eat food for every meal, we have a dress code (shirts and ties, skirts to the knee), we have wise leaders who teach us, we grow very close with our house (districts). And we have the Spirit which is pretty much better than magic.
I have learned SO much! More than I ever thought possible in 18 months and it’s only been 6 DAYS! Our best teacher is the Spirit. It teaches so so much. I feel the spirit constantly here, some times more than others but it is always there. It is so cool.
My companion is amazing. Her name is Sister Bustillos, and she’s awesome. She has taught me so much and is so smart. We work so well together and have a great time.
I’ve seen a bunch of people I know from Cedar City! It is so good to see them and catch up. I have seen Sister Cat Grant, Sister Jula Demile, Sister Mari Dedimanti, Sister Ashley Broadhead (she is going to my same mission.. WWHHAATTT?!?!), Sister Tiffany Wipple and the Seivertson twin Elders who I played tennis with. It is so cool to see all these friends again. 🙂 (I am really bad at last name spelling)
They have such a good way of teaching and learning here. We learn so much so fast but it is not too fast. 🙂 In my district we have two teachers, a sister and a brother. They are amazing return missionaries and they really know their stuff. The Spirit is strong with them. We do role plays but they don’t feel like it at all. Our teachers act like one of their previous investigators and we teach them lessons. As soon as Sister Bustillos and I walk in to that room it truly feels like they are the person they are playing. People. Teaching with the spirit is one of the coolest things in the world. I find words coming out of my mouth that I had no idea were there. But it is so cool to see those words affect someone. One of our investigators is Sunny. She is the best. I love her… and I’ve never even met her. Jordan is our other investigator. He is so cool and needs to feel Gods love and we get to help him do it! It is amazing the love we feel for these people. We also had a member lesson the other day. We taught Jason who is 18 and going on a mission next week! We taught the Plan of Salvation and the spirit was so strong in that room! He had a lot of really good questions and he taught us things too.
My district is amazing. Sister Bustillos and I are the only sisters and there are 4 sets of elders. The discussions we have are so good and they are all such good missionaries already. It is cool to see their different stories and how they decided to go on a mission. They all have grown and learned so much in just a few days. They have changed so fast. I am so grateful for them and their example to me. 🙂
We got to go to the Provo temple today! It was such a good experience and I learned so much. 🙂 It is so amazing how prayers are answered. The Spirit is so strong in the temple.
These 6 days have been so great. I am so happy here and am learning TONS!! My testimony has been strengthened more than I thought it would. My testimony of prayer has grown so much. I have been praying more than I ever have and it is totally making a difference. Praying with my companion has been great too. It helps us to learn and listen to our investigators and to know what to say. I also love everyone here so much. It is amazing how quickly that happens haha 🙂 I have felt God’s love so strongly. Especially when I need it most. My testimony of our Savior and His Atonement has grown so much and learning of Him and keeping Him at the center of our lives is so great. Our Savior loves us so much.
I love all of you so so much! Thank you for your prayers. 🙂 I love it here. Thanks for everything.
Sister Oldroyd
I’ll be in the MTC until next Tuesday. Then I will be out in Missouri!!!!!
Sister Tess Oldroyd
Missouri St Louis Mission
Provo MTC
2005 N 900 E Unit 194
Provo, UT 84604
Sister Tess Oldroyd
Missouri St Louis Mission
1850 Craigshire Rd Ste 205
St Louis, MO 63146

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